365 days later – Finland in pictures

Last year, this time, I was in Finland chasing the Northern Lights. It was a two week adventure marking not just my first time to Europe but also my first ever experience of extreme winters and snow.

In two weeks, I travelled to Finland (Rovaniemi & Helsinki), Estonia (Tallinn), Denmark (Copenhagen & Arhaus), Iceland, and Netherlands (Amsterdam).

A year later, this trip still remains very close to my heart. I not only explored a different place with extremely different conditions (mostly insane weather) but in two weeks, unintentionally, I came back a very different person at the end of this trip.

Sharing some of my favourite pictures from the dreamy, snowy, picturesque Finland.

Ferry to suomelinna.jpg
The Helsinki Ferry Terminal
An old ruined house in Suomenlinna Fort


_DSC3126-Edit copy.jpg
An old Soviet style church
Narrow streets; full of surprises – Suomenlinna Fort
In winters, the sun sets somewhere between 3 – 3:30 PM. 
Of shadows and distant horizons
Rovaniemi – the best view I’ve ever woken up to. The picture still doesn’t do justice to what I saw
DSC_3233 2-Edit.jpg
With temperatures as low as -15, everyone was huddled around the fire, cameras ready, waiting for the Aurora Borealis to reappear. I got into a conversation with our lovely guide who told me some interesting local legends associated with the Aurora Borealis.
The elusive Aurora Borealis
Christmas spirit in Porobecanhitti, a small town near the Ono River, Finnish Lapland. We were chasing the Northern Lights here.


Reindeer safari.


The husky safari. The huskies look adorable but they are such insane runners. 
How can you go to Roavaniemi and not visit the Santa Claus village? Even if it is -14 and death is almost calling, you go to Santa Claus Village. It’s a bus ride from Rovaniemi town center
The Main Post office at Santa Claus Village. Since it was almost Christmas time, I thought I’ll send myself a nice postcard. Received all the others except this one 😦
This is how you feel when you experience Arctic circle winters for the first time 🙂
Or maybe you feel like this. Say hello to Mr Reindeer of the year


Have you visited Finland or chased the Northern Lights? Tell me about your experience in the comments.


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