I am a full-time conference producer and chaser of multiple interests I harbour. You’ll always see me trying to do everything at the same time – writing, photography, reading, learning a new language, traveling, attending workshops, and the list goes on. I am never tired – unless I have to socialise – and I usually prefer a calm evening catching up with friends over chai than a shor-sharaba wala lounge/club.


I am an ambivert (more introvert than extrovert in socially unfamiliar situations) and I love observing people around me. A history student, an ardent reader of mythological content, an avid follower of politics, and as someone who was raised in a multicultural environment (I grew up between the UAE (90’s Gulf kid) and India), I draw cultural, historical and mythological parallels in all my conversations, and also while I travel and write.

Born and raised between the UAE & India, my love for travel began as early as I can remember; though for most part, it was love for airports and the Emirates cabin crew. Love for airports still remains intact – I usually get to the airport three hours before and love people watching.

I am a solo-traveller and travel wherever my itchy feet take me. I attempt to document my travels through photographs and writing – still a work-in-progress on both aspects.

I am fascinated by history and culture and my travel stories revolve around these aspects. I am also interested in black and white photography and timelapse videography – a medium that I really enjoy expressing through.

20131225_173657I am a feminist; which means I believe in equality of women’s rights and opportunities.

Occasionally, I do write about some of my other interests which include food, capoeira, and reading.

Self-proclaimed cartwheel queen, postcard sender, an absolute Potterhead, Samosa Glutton, day dreamer par excellence, and a firm believer of positive vibes and love.

So, this is me signing off from that page long bragging session. This is blog is my little haven to write and share my travel stories, and book recommendations. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you like what I write. If you’d like to receive/exchange postcards, or have any suggestions for the blog, get in touch with me.

Peace, love and light